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Inverter welding machine Application:

Inverter welder is a new type of welding power supply. Its principle is the power frequency (50Hz) alternating current, the input rectifier and filter into DC, and then through high-power switching element (IGBT) inversion into 20kHz of intermediate frequency alternating current, and then to the transformer to fit the welding of the dozens of volts voltage, and then output rectifier and filter into DC welding currents.

The transformation order can be expressed as: ACDCACDC

CREATEK Microelectronics can provide a full range of high-power components required in the application of welding machine: including three-phase rectifier module for welder input rectifier, IGBT single tube and module for inverter part of welding machine, quick recovery diode single tube and module for welder output rectification. Aiming at the two control modes of hard switch and soft switch of the igbt of welder, CREATEK Microelectronics provides the chip and module specially optimized for the two kinds of switch control, especially the IGBT chip and module for the hard switch application, which has the advantages of good reliability, low switching loss and strong ability of resisting over flow pressure. In the domestic, the current application of IGBT control in welding machine mainly by hard switch mainly. Some so-called soft switch control mode, due to customer drive circuit deviation or cost control, originally designed soft switch technology has become a half soft and half hard switch welder, this kind of welder is more suitable for using the IGBT module of hard switch.

Low voltage inverter Application:

The inverter is one of the most promising motor speed control devices by changing the working frequency of the motor to realize the AC motor speed regulation, and the inverter is widely used in the motor control. The inverter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC/DC), filter, Inverter (DC/AC), braking unit, driving unit, and detection unit micro-processing unit. Inverter relies on the internal IGBT switch to adjust the output voltage and frequency, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, and then to achieve energy-saving, speed control purposes.

Low-voltage inverter generally refers to the voltage of 220v~380v frequency converter. Low-voltage inverter is mainly used in fans, pumps, air-conditioning, industrial machinery, chemical and many other fields, there is a need for AC motor speed change occasions, can be applied inverter. Its function mainly includes: one is used for motor speed change, such as Crane, kowtow machine, water pump. The second is for automatic control, such as assembly line machine, conveyor belt, robot, machine tool. Three is used in order to save energy, reduce production costs, such as central air-conditioning, fans, compressors.

Medium voltage inverter Application:

Medium Voltage frequency converter generally refers to the voltage of 660v~690v, 1140V inverter. At present, the medium voltage inverter is used in urban water supply, oil field submersible pump, water injection pump, kowtow machine, the main shaft fan, belt machine, coal digger (explosion-proof) and other fields.

High voltage inverter Application:

High Voltage inverter (refers to the voltage greater than 1140V) as a high-voltage motor energy-saving and speed regulation device is widely used in metallurgy, electricity, water supply, petroleum, chemical, coal and other high-energy industries. Under the background of energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon, China's high voltage inverter market has maintained a high growth rate in recent years. High Voltage inverter product voltage level including 3kV, 6kV and 10kV products, in metallurgy, chemical industry, electricity, municipal water supply and mining industries widely used in the pump load, can drag fans, pumps, compressors and other types of load, accounting for the entire electrical equipment consumption of about 40%. High-voltage inverter can realize stepless speed regulation by high voltage motor, which can meet the requirement of motor speed control in production process, and can save energy greatly and reduce production cost.